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Getting Started

Install the package in the project that uses Next.js.


yarn add -D next-export-optimize-images


  1. Write withExportImages in next.config.js.
const withExportImages = require('next-export-optimize-images')

module.exports = withExportImages({
output: 'export',
// write your next.js configuration values.
  1. Change the description of the scripts that do the next build in package.json
- "build": "next build",
+ "build": "next build && next-export-optimize-images",
  1. Import and use next/image as usual.
<Image src="/images/img.png" width={1920} height={1280} alt="" />
// Or import as follows
import img from './img.png'
<Image src={img} alt="" />
// Or require as follows
<Image src={require('./img.png')} alt="" />

Alternatively, you can use next/legacy/image.

import Image from 'next/legacy/image'
;<Image src="/images/img.png" width={1920} height={1280} alt="" />

Local checks

  1. Run yarn build.
  2. Run npx http-server out